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is an educational establishment that is located at . On 01 January, 2015, it was first put into operation.

Monowara Sikder Medical College & Hospital started its journey from 2015 with the permission of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the People’s of Bangladesh. The College Campus is situated at Madhupur of Bhedergonj upazila, Shariatpur district under Dhaka division, over a vast area of land. Its beautifully landscaped terrain provide a pollution free congenial environment for modern method of teaching & learning. The College is affiliated with the University of Dhaka and follows the curriculum of Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM&DC)

Since its establishment the management has left no stone unturned to develop the institution as a center of excellence in medical education with innovative approaches for the undergraduate students.

The medical college & hospital is on the threshold of its 5th year. Phenomenal developments have been made in its infrastructures, staff selection, mobilization and organization of various departments to cater for the needs of various departments and students at large. Academic achievements of the students of different batches in internal term Examination and the Professional MBBS Examinations conducted by the University of Dhaka, as measured by their performances, are praiseworthy.

Our authority remains ever vigilant to maintain pleasant academic environment in the campus for unhindered and uninterrupted prosecution of studies and other academic activities of the students to master required knowledge, skill and attitude to become a good doctor. All students are collectively and individually taken care of by the teachers in acquiring their professional goals.

As regards, accommodation of the students are arranged in the adherent boys’ and girls’ hostel within the campus. The authority encourages participation of the students in extra-curricular activities like indoor games, publication of college journal, debate, seminars, annual picnic, cultural functions, etc. in order to adjourn the monotony in their academic schedules.

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