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Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), Dhaka, an automatic organization. BTEB is playing an important role in human resource development. BTEB has a role for setting a quality standard, quality control and development of technical education in Bangladesh. BTEB is always looking for appropriate training for the youth, which is very helpful for job searching and for self-employment and to adjust the changing situation in the job market with the rapid change of technology.


The responsibility of Bangladesh Technical Education Board is to hold two public examinations [S.S.C (Vocational) & H.S.C (BM)] and other 73 examinations of different curriculum and providing recognition of the new institutions and also supervision control and development of all institutions under the Board.

Ministry of Education is the apex policy making the institution of the Government regarding administration and development of post-primary education sector. Ministry of Education formulates policies and programs for the development of post-primary to higher education including Madrasah, Technical and Vocational education. It also formulates laws, rules, and regulations for the management and administration of post-primary education sector and its institutions of the country.

There are several attached bodies for supervision and management of formal education in post-primary and secondary schools, colleges, madrasahs, technical schools and colleges, polytechnic institutes, engineering colleges, and universities. There are about 40337 post-primary secondary schools/colleges/madrasahs and 37 public and 96 private universities.

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