About Us

Sohopathi is an online platform where students and alumni can connect one another, exchange knowledge, arrange and join acacdemic events. The objective of the platform is to make a better academic environment by connecting teachers, students, and alumni in a single platform.

Sohopathi ranks academic institues like top schools and colleges  for edcuation boards and districts. The ranking is done based on public exams’ data (JSC, SSC, and HSC). In the future, we’ll introduce public rating and feedback feature and include it in our ranking algorithm. We’re also going to accept complaints about academic institutes from stakeholders and introduce them to academic commmitte for better learning environment.

Busy life makes us disconnected from many classmates who were quite intimate friend at student life. Many of them are available on social media like Facebook or Instagram but all of them aren’t. Maybe all of them have social media but tough to get them. Sohopathi helps classmates get connected as they will be able to search for people school or college wise. Connecting classmates and sharing thoughts on Sohopathi is much easy.


Core Features

  • Connecting classmates
  • Arranging and mangaing academic events
  • Getting acadmic result updates
  • Academic details with performance statistics
  • Public results updates