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Sohopathi is working to improve the education sector in Bangladesh. We believe better connectivity among all stakeholders could improve our education system and our future.

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Sohopathi is the largest, enriched, and updated directory of educational institutes in Bangladesh. We try to provide as much updated data as possible to our users. Our team continuously works to improve our data quality and quatity.

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Largest Database of Public Results

Sohopathi is the only institute in Bangladesh that has the largest database of public exam results. We have JSC, SSC, & HSC exam results for the last 15 years. We analyze each exam result once it is published to demonstrate how our primary and secondary education improving. 

Ranking of Institutes

We rank our educational institutes based on their annual public exam result. Based on that, we publish a yearly ranking of the educational institutes. Based on the average result of previous years, we publish ranking. We rank schools based on different criteria like national, board-wise, district-wise, and upazila wise. To rank, we use different factors like number of examiners, total pass, total A+, pass rate, A+ rate, and other factors. All our rankings are processed through our own algorithm and automated. We show no biases to our rankings. We have ranked more than 30,000 institutes in Bangladesh.
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Ask us any questions. It could be related to anything. It could be related to a school or its teachers. Or it could be anything related to complex mathematical equations, or English Grammar.

Our team will try to answer you as detailed as possible at earliest time. 


Are you an expert in a field? Do you like to help other fellow students solve their problems or quizzes?

Join our volunteer team and answer the questions that you’re experts in. We have exclusive remunerations for top participants.

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