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According to the ordinance of the board, The Madrasah Education Ordinance, 1978 (Ordinance No. IX of 1978), it is responsible for the Madrasah Education Board, regulation, supervision, control and development and improvement of Dakhil, Alim, Fazil, and Kamil level public examinations and educational institutions.

The Madrasah Education Ordinance made by the President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on the 27th February 1978. As soon as may be after the commencement of this Ordinance, the Government shall, notification by Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs on 2nd March 1978, establish a board called Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. Furquania, Ibtedayee, Dakhil, Alim, Fazil and Kamil Madrasah in all over the country were under control of that board.


  • Dakhil 6th-8th
  • Dakhil General
  • Dakhil Muzabbid
  • Dakhil Science
  • Dakhil Hifzul Quran
  • Dakhil Bussiness Studies
  • Alim General
  • Alim Muzabbid
  • Alim Science
  • Alim Bussiness Studies

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