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is an educational establishment that is located at . On 01 January, 2000, it was first put into operation.

Bangladesh’s top medical school is East-West Medical College & Hospital. This institution is situated in Bangladesh’s Dhaka at Aichi Nagar, JBCS Saroni, Khairtak, and Turag. It is five kilometers from Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport and located on the bank of the Turag River in a natural setting. The college will offer students a top-notch, broadly based education with a focus on professional development, giving them the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes they need to not only address the community’s most pressing health issues, but also to establish a solid foundation for further training and education. This institution is one of the Aichi Medical Group’s organizations, and it is managed by the Alim Foundation.

In 1996, Prof. Dr. Moazzem Hossain, MBBS, STPS (England), and Ph.D. (Japan), founded the Aichi group. With the assistance of the government of Bangladesh, our founder chairman studied at Nagoya University in Japan for four years and was awarded a gold medal by the Japanese government for his remarkable achievements in his profession. His aim of elevating Bangladesh’s healthcare to a global level began to materialize once he returned to Bangladesh. In order to advance the health care industry, this group today runs two hospitals, a dental school, a nursing school, a medical technology institution, and one medical college.

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