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Last updated: 16 Dec, 2018

Sohopathi Ranking

Sohopathi ranks academic institutes like best schools or best colleges based on the available result data of public examinations like JSC, SSC, and HSC. The ranking considers average passing rate, percentage of GPA5, and other exam data and uses own algorithm to rank the academic institutes. The ranking is done automatically and the Sohopathi team shows no biases.

Top schools/equivalent institutes in Jessore District

RankInstituteYear RangeAppearedPassedAvg. National Rank
1Police Line Secondary School, Jessore2009-20191,0641,06475.0
2Jessore English School And College (jesc)2019-2019191983.0
3Dawood Public School And College2009-2019957954140.5
4Sakhina Girls High School2009-2019294293161.4
5Sk. Akijuddin Higher Secondery School And College2009-20191,5341,528164.1
6Jessore Govt. Girl’s High School, Jessore2009-20192,4952,484195.3
7Akij Ideal Junior School2015-2019241241196.2
8Jessore Ziila School, Jessaore2009-20192,6732,637331.7
9Jessore Shikkha Board Model School & College2010-2019714713373.9
10B A F Shaheen College Jessore2009-20191,5381,523399.2
11Cantonment High School2009-20191,2131,206584.5
12Manirampur Govt.pilot High School2009-2019745735620.3
13Noapara Model Secondary School2009-20191,6121,583644.8
14Border Guard Public School Jessore2009-2019858847664.6
15Sacred Heart High School2009-2019453448717.4
16Monirampur Govt. Girls High School2009-2019638631822.6
17Jhikargacha B.m. High School2009-20191,8201,757841.4
18Moriyam Bibi Mohila Dakhil Madrasah2019-201977871.0
19Sekenderpur Secondary School2009-20196666471,078.0
20Jessore Collectorate School2017-20191541521,469.7
21Jessore Aminia Kamil Madrasah2009-20194334271,475.0
22Sammilani Degree College2009-201081651,500.0
23Jhikargacha Darul Ulum Kamil Madrasha2009-20192922771,631.5
24Badshah Faisal Islami Institute (res)new Town2009-20191,3441,2941,789.9
25Moshiahati Ml High School2009-20194164001,799.8

Top colleges/equivalent institutes in Jessore District

RankInstituteYear RangeAppearedPassedAvg. National Rank
1Rudrapur B.l.high School2009-2010139136127.5
2Progoti Maddhamik Balika Bidalay2009-2010202195173.0
3Verchi Secondary School2009-2010452425269.5
4Alimonnessa Girls High School & Technical College2013-2018254241318.8
5Buruj Bagan Secondary School2009-2010648598339.5
6Chhatian Tala Churmonkati High School2009-201010193341.5
7Bagher Para Girls Alim Madrasah2009-20114038347.0
8Hashimpur Ml. High School2009-20108174358.0
9Bahadurpur High School2009-2010138128360.0
10Municipal Preparatory High School2009-20101,4431,320388.0
11Cantonment College , Jessore2011-20197,4616,946416.2
12Dhakuria Protapkati M.l. High School2009-2010396354460.5
13Danbir Haji Md Mohasin High School2009-2010448405463.5
14Narendrapur High School2009-2010992886469.0
15Dawood Public School And College2009-20192,5512,427493.8
16Pathra Pally Unnayan High School2009-2010346305530.0
17Shinghajhully Senior (alim) Madrasha2009-2019244235581.4
18Bashbaria High School2009-2010141123617.0
19Jhikorgacha Mohila Degree College2013-2018145128646.3
20Zirat Alim Madrasah2009-2019522494679.7
21Muktarpur Gowalbari Secondary School2009-2010693595703.5
22Sk. Akijuddin Higher Secondery School And College2011-20191,1271,032731.7
23Jessore Shikkha Board Model School & College2011-2019948877755.8
24Tangra Mohila Alim Madrasha2009-20112421768.0
25Islamia Girls High School2009-2010570478796.5
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