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is an educational establishment that is located at . On 01 January, 1925, it was first put into operation.

The Dhaka National Medical College carries on the legacy of its illustrious predecessor, the Dhaka National Medical Institute, which was founded in 1925 as part of the Indian Sub-non-cooperation Continent’s movement against British colonial rule and was led by Mahatma Gandhi, Mawlana Muhammad Ali, and Mawlana Sawkat Ali.

The Non-Cooperation movement urged the people of the sub-continent, among other things, to boycott educational institutions founded and run by the British government and to create national schools, colleges, and institutes for locally-run modern scientific education. In the Bengal Province, two medical schools were consequently founded to train national doctors in contemporary medicine. One of these medical schools, known as the Calcutta National Medical Institute, was located there, and the other, known as the Dhaka National Medical Institute, was located there.

On land donated by Zamider Raghunath Das, the Dhaka National Medical Institute was built in Dhaka close to Bahadur Shah Park. To fund its development and completion, several Nationalists donated money. A distinguished scientist named Sir Prafulla Chandra Roy KBE served as the chairman of the Institute’s first governing body. Nationalist figures like Roy Bahadur Kashab Chandra Banarjee, Shadhana Ausadhalya, Sir Khwaza Nazim Uddin KBE, the former chief minister of Bengal, Dr. J.C. Ghosh, the founder of the Ayurveda Institute, and other individuals made up the ruling board.sAfter matriculation, the Institute began its four-year medical course (LMF) on modern scientific medicine.

Additionally, a general hospital was created to provide locals with healthcare services as well as practical instruction for medical students.

The then-provincial administration of East Pakistan ended the four-year medical program (LMF) in 1958 and replaced it with a five-year program (MBBS). The Pakistani government’s lack of cooperation prevented the Dhaka National Medical Institute from starting its five-year MBBS program. The Dhaka National Medical Institute was reduced to serving as a community general hospital starting in 1965.

The Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital served as a safe haven for Liberation War Freedom Fighters in 1971 during Bangladesh’s Liberation War. The hospitals were on the danger of closing just after Bangladesh was freed in 1972 due to a financial problem and the lack of an administrative body to replace the former Governing Body.

Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, took the initiative on his own to save the Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital. He immediately granted the hospital a Taka of 35 lacs for operating costs, and an Adhoc Governing Body was established for the hospital under the chairmanship of Mr. M. Sirajul Islam MLA for the efficient management and growth of the facility. Mr. M. Sirajul Islam took the initiative to arrange for the Bangladesh Assistance Society of India to donate taka 25 lacs.

The Bangladeshi government established a law that the Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital (DNMIH) will henceforth have a Management Board appointed every four years to oversee its efficient administration and receive an annual financial grant.

The Management Board of the Dhaka National Medical Institute Hospital advocated and moved for the establishment of a single Medical Collage with the DNMIH from the very beginning. The long-awaited Dhaka National Medical College finally came into being in 1994, thanks to the strong leadership of Mr. Sadeque Hossan Khoka MP, chairman of the Management Board of the Dhaka National Medical Institute & Hospital. On October 15, 1995, the former prime minister laid the cornerstone for the College’s previous inauguration. Sadek Hossain Khoka, MP, a former college chairman and mayor of Dhaka City Corporation, dedicated the college’s new academic building on November 25, 2006. The University’s established rules and regulations are being followed by DNMC.

The Advocate Kazi Firoz Rashid, MP, led the National Medical family to moderate        and steady growth throughout Sheikh Hasina’s tenure as prime minister.

Recent College & Hospital developments:

* Important land extension for the construction of a new student hostel (SHEIKH      RUSSEL INTERNATIONAL HOSTEL).

* A nursing institute is currently being established.

* The academic building’s vertical expansion, constructed in accordance with the approved plan, is now complete for the college’s dental unit.

* Extending clinical activity with the introduction of the new structure.

* The opening of new departments with well-equipped facilities and qualified staff, such as the dental unit, interventional cardiology (cathlab), neuro-medicine, nephrology, gastroenterology, and endocrinology.

* Development and extension of imaging, radiology, and laboratory medicine.

* A modern automated generating system that provides uninterrupted power both in hospitals and

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