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is an educational establishment that is located at Plot: 99 Block: C Road:11, Banani Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh . It was founded by Chowdhury Nafeez Sarafat. Its Educational Institute Identification Number or EIIN, is . On 01 January, 2016, it was first put into operation.

Its motto is Inspiring Applied Knowledge.

Canadian University of Bangladesh (CUB) is a new university. Yes, it is newly established (January 2016), but it is also a totally new breed of university, too. What makes Canadian University unique? It’s application based. That means that “we teach by demonstrating; we learn by doing”. Our approach to education, in that respect, very much follows the North American Model. It ensures the delivery of university-level education to the highest Canadian standards …without actually going there. This means that Canadian University of Bangladesh is able to provide a world-class, application-based education at an affordable cost. Due to Bangladesh’s surging economy and the stable influence of its leadership; the country, today, is an island of economic prosperity and political stability in a sea of global insecurity. It’s high levels of growth and sustained development is an example to the world. The Canadian University of Bangladesh is deeply committed to fulfilling its responsibility to produce the world-class leaders and skilled professionals required to ensure the success and prosperity of the nation.

Canadian University Of Bangladesh Faculty and Department List

1. School Of Business
– Department of Business Administration
— BBA (Bachelor Of Business Administration)
— MBA (Master Of Business Administration)

2. School of Science & Engineering
– Department of Computer Science & Engineering
– Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

3. School Of Liberal Arts & Social Science
– Department of English
– Department of Film in TV
– Department of Law

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In the campus, you can also play sports, enjoy a coffee, study in the library, participate in club activities and much more.

  • Student Clubs
  • Business Club
  • Law Club
  • Media Club
  • Science Club
  • English Club

Combining Canadian University of Bangladesh educational practices and administrative capabilities, our Toronto office fosters connections with universities and employers across the globe to orchestrate international credit transfer arrangements, international internships and placements.

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