Uppon Choki Vazni Junior School

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is an educational establishment that is located at Maddypara Bhaulaganj Debiganj . Its Educational Institute Identification Number or EIIN, is . The alternative name for is আপন চকী বাজনি জুনিয়র স্কুল. is under Dinajpur Education Board.

Uppon Choki Vazni Junior School Basic Info

Board Result

JSC Exam Result 2017
Uppon Choki Vazni Junior School JSC exam result 2017 is published. 1 students have appeared and 0 students have passed. Total 0 students have scored A+. Average passing rate in JSC 2017 is 0.00% and A+ rate is 0.00%.
Appeared1 A+0
Passed0 Failed1
Pass Rate0.0% A+ Rate0.0%
Board Rank2531 National Rank15247
Pass Rate
A+ Rate
Board Year Appeared Passed Failed A+ Pass Rate A+ Rate National Rank Board Rank Division Rank District Rank
DINAJPUR 2017 1 0 1 0 0.00% 0.00% 15247 2531 2948 302
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JSC result 2017

JSC result 2017 details: In 2017, 1 students appeared in JSC 2017 from the institute. Among them, 0 students have passed and 0 students have scored GPA 5. The passing rate is 0.00% and A+ rate is 0.00%. 1 students have failed in JSC 2017 and the failure rate is 100.00%.

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