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is an educational establishment that is located at . On 01 January, 1958, it was first put into operation.

People in the Rajshahi region were denied access to medical education and healthcare facilities after East Bengal broke away from India in 1947. A private medical school was founded in Rajshahi city in 1949 at the initiative of a few well-known members of the civil society and politically active individuals involved in administration. They initially started the LMF diploma program at the State Medical Faculty in Dhaka. The first batch of admissions included 80 students.

It was transformed into a government medical institution by the former Pakistani government in 1954. It began operations as a full college in 1958. It is the first medical college in Bangladesh’s northern region. The initial principal of this institution and Professor Dr. Nayeb Ali served as the first heads of the departments of anatomy and physiology, respectively.

In the initial batch, there were only 5 college staff members and 43 students, including 2 female students. The hospital and college buildings are situated on 90 acres of land. Built in 1965, the three-story, 530-bed hospital had departments for surgery, gynecology, and obstetrics.

The 60 acres on which this hospital is located were once an agricultural farm. This hospital was associated with a leprosy control center, a 150-bed Sadar hospital, and a 20-bed infectious illness hospital. Sadar Hospital was then transformed into a dentistry unit. This college currently offers MBBS, BDS, and postgraduate programs in a variety of subjects. The BDS program began in 1992, and the postgraduate program in 1998. This medical college was accredited by the General Medical Council of Great Britain on July 1, 1992. The 1971 Bangladeshi independence war saw the participation of numerous doctors and students from this college. In 1974, a Shahid Minar was erected in front of the administrative building.

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