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Jagannath University Admission Circular & Guideline 2018-19

Jagannath University Admission Circular & Guideline 2018-19

Institute: Jagannath University
Class: Honours 1st Year
Date: 31 Jul, 2018

Jagannath University Admission Circular and Guideline 2018-19

Jagannath University Admission Circular 2018 -2019 has been announced.
Jagannath University academic year of 2018-19 online admission process for the Honors first-year admission test begins on 05 August 2018 and application end time will be on 27 August 2018. Application test will be held on A Unit for Science 29 September 2018, B Unit for Humanities 06 October 2018, and C Unit for Business Studies 13 October 2018.

Important dates for the admission process of Jagannath University 2018-19:

Start the Application: 05/08/2018
Application Deadline: 27/08/2018

Admission Test:
- A Unit: Science 29/08/2018
- B Unit for Humanities 06/10/2018
- C Unit for Business Studies 13/10/2018.

For Download Admit Card and know Seat Plan Click here

Total number of seats in Different Section 2018-19
- Science section-825
- Humanities section- 1270
- Business Studies section- 520
- Specialized section- 150

Click here to view details of faculty and department information of Jagannath University.

Jagannath University academic year of 2018-19, Candidate will have to apply for the honors first-year admission test for online or through http://admissionjnu.info. This year will be able to enroll in Total 2,765 students.

In 2018, University of Grant Commission (UGC) approved 41 Public University in Bangladesh. See all Public University Admission information, circular, notice, guideline 2018-2019 in one page.

Click Here for Download Jagannath University Admission Circular 2018 -2019

Jagannath University Admission Circular 2018-19
Jagannath University Admission Circular

Jagannath University Admission Circular-1

Jagannath University Admission Circular-2

Jagannath University Admission Circular-3

Click Here for Download Jagannath University Admission Guideline 2018 -2019

Jagannath University Admission Guideline 2018-19

Jagannath University Admission Guideline

Jagannath University Admission Guideline-1

Jagannath University Admission Guideline-2

Jagannath University Admission Guideline-3

Jagannath University Admission Guideline-4

Jagannath University Admission Guideline-5

Jagannath University Admission Guideline-6

Jagannath University Admission Guideline-7

Jagannath University History

The university has a history that started in 1858 when Dhaka Brahma School was founded by Dinanath Sen, Prabhaticharan Roy, Anathbandhu Mallik and Brajasundar Kaitra. The name Jagannath School was given by Kishorilal Chowdhury, the Zamindar of Baliati in Manikganj, who took over the school in 1872 and renamed it after his father.

In 1884, it was raised to a second-grade college. Law was one of the first courses introduced. A common management committee administered the school and college until 1887, when the school section was separated to form the independent Kishore Jubilee School. It is now known as K L Jubilee School. The administration of the college was transferred to a board of trustees in 1907. In the following year, it became a first grade college.

The college started with 48 students. In five years, the roll raised to 396. In 1910, Raja Manmath Roy Chowdhury, the zamindar of Santosh, Tangail, affiliated the Pramath-Manmath College of Tangail with Jagannath College. With the establishment of University of Dhaka in 1921, it stopped admission to degree courses and was renamed Jagannath Intermediate College. This status was changed after 28 years in 1949, when it reopened degree classes. The college was taken over by the government in 1968.

Jagannath College opened honours and masters programmes in 1975. That year the government once again took over and upgraded it into a postgraduate college. In 1982, the college closed its programmes at the intermediate level. It introduced evening shifts in 1992.

It was transformed into Jagannath University in 2005 by passing a bill named Jagannath University Act-2005 in the national parliament.

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