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Islamic University (IU) is an academic institute located at Santidanga Kushtia. Its institute code (EIIN) is 136593. It was established on 22 November, 1979.

Islamic University, Bangladesh, commonly known as Islamic University, Kushtia, is one of the sixth major public research universities in Bangladesh and largest seat of higher education in the south-west part of the country. located 24 kilometers south of Kushtia and 22 kilometers north of Jhenidah district-town, the university is by-passed by Khulna-Kushtia National Highway which provides its lifeline of connectivity with the rest of the country.


On 1 December 1976 then government declared the establishment of the Islamic University to promote Islamic System of education and to coordinate with Islamic Education and other branches of modern education in the country. Islamic University, Kushtia was established on 22 November 1979 at Shantidanga-Dulalpur (Kushtia-Jhenidah) by the ex-president of Bangladesh General Ziaur Rahman, based on the recommendation of ‘Islamic University Planning Committee’ on 7 January 1977 leading by M. A. Bari including other seven members. Then the Islamic University Act was passed by the National Assembly of Bangladesh on 27 December 1980. On 1 January 1981, the government of Bangladesh employed A. N. M. Mamtajuddin Choudhury as the first vice-chancellor and the university became operational that year.

About Islamic University

Financially helped by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and financed by the government of Bangladesh through the University Grants Commission, Bangladesh. On 22 November 1979, the foundation of the IU was set up in Kushtia and it is operated under the Islamic University Act of 1980. Islamic University started operations on 28 June 1986. It is the 7th oldest university in the country and the first university on the land of independent Bangladesh which was established after acquiring independence from West Pakistan in 1971.

IU is recognized as the hub of sports, cultures and academic research activities with a very natural and peaceful environment where teachers, students, and administrative staffs come from all religious communities and ethnic groups without any gender discrimination. It is a major international center for a superb integration of Islamic studies with general studies and studies of modern science, technology, and engineering.

Islamic University provides both local and foreign students with the facilities of undergraduate studies, postgraduate research, and teaching. The standard of teaching is high and the facilities both for academic and extracurricular activities are of good standard. It is a campus-oriented university, where the academic and administrative buildings, student’s residential halls, teacher’s dormitories, central library, gymnasium, two big playgrounds, tennis court, central cafeteria, lakes, safe places of birds, many flower gardens, shahid minar (monument), children’s park, martyrs’ memorial, Mukto Bangla(sculpture) and one of the largest campus-based auditoriums in Bangladesh are all on one self-contained 175-acre site at Shantidanga-Dulalpur, beside the Kushtia-Khulna highway. It is situated about 24 km south and 22 km north of the Kushtia and Jhenidah district-towns, respectively.

Degrees Awarded

Islamic University offers a four-year Bachelor’s degree and a one-year Master’s degree

Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Theology and Islamic Studies (BTIS), Bachelor of Arts(BA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Law (LL.B), Bachelor of Social Science (BSS).

Graduate/Master’s Degree:
Master of Science (M.Sc), Master of Theology and Islamic Studies (MTIS), Master of Arts(MA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Law (LL.M), Master of Social Science(MSS).

Post Graduate Research Degree:
M.Phil, PhD

Faculties and Departments

Now the university offers a wide range of academic programs through its 33 full-fledged departments under 5 faculties and one self-contained Institute of Islamic Education and Research (IIER). The government-approved recent organogram of the university sets out to operate 59 departments under 8 faculties and 3 self-contained Institutes. To see faculties and department information click faculty on the left sidebar.


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  • Health Services
  • Sports facilities
  • Islamic University theatre
  • Student organizations for extracurricular activities

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