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Last updated: 15 Dec, 2018

Sohopathi Ranking

Sohopathi ranks academic institutes like best schools or best colleges based on the available result data of public examinations like JSC, SSC, and HSC. The ranking considers average passing rate, percentage of GPA5, and other exam data and uses own algorithm to rank the academic institutes. The ranking is done automatically and the Sohopathi team shows no biases.

Top schools/equivalent institutes in Bandarban District

RankInstituteYear RangeAppearedPassedAvg. National Rank
1Bandarban Cantonment Public School And College2010-2019726722433.1
2Quantum Cosmo School2017-20191181152,158.7
3Madinatul Ulum Model Institute Alim Madrasah.2009-20193963772,674.6
4Goalia Khola Sesdp Model High School2018-201940383,002.0
5Ali Kadam Islamia Dakhil Madrasha2009-20192812563,064.5
6Bandarban Collectorate School And College2016-20191521433,239.3
7Haidar Nashi Mohammadia Sunnia Dakhil Madrasa2009-20193993713,343.3
8Bandarban Goverment High School2009-20191,6461,4393,538.4
9Tamire Millat Islamia Madrasah2009-20191941793,862.5
10Al Faruk Institute2009-20194483964,038.6
11Bandarban Islamia Senior Madrasha2009-20193042634,100.5
12Lainziry Mohammadia Islamia Dakhil Madrasha2009-20194093694,110.2
13Dakhin Ghumdhum Miska Tul Nabi(s;) Dakhil Madrasha2009-20192672474,393.7
14Baishari Shah Nuruddin Dakhil Madrasah2009-20193072614,997.7
15Lama Islamia Fhazil (degree) Madrasa2009-20199127655,519.2
16Cakdala Mahiussunnah Dakhil Madrasah2009-20192221725,623.5
17Lama Adarsha Girl’s High School2009-20197085665,762.2
18Bandarban Govt.girls High School2009-20191,4371,1675,853.8
19Ruma Upajatiyo Residencial High School2009-20194002806,420.2
20Naikhong Chari Girls High School2009-20194533486,557.7
21Alikadam Govt High School2009-20191,0137596,648.3
22Chambi High School2009-20191,0908306,673.4
23Naikhongchari Saleh Ahamed Govt. High School2009-20198166116,762.9
24Lama Mukh High School2009-20197625296,992.5
25Technical Training Centre2012-20198556727,248.6

Top colleges/equivalent institutes in Bandarban District

RankInstituteYear RangeAppearedPassedAvg. National Rank
1Quantum Cosmo College2018-2019155153211.0
2Madinatul Ulum Model Institute Alim Madrasah.2018-20195454296.0
3Bandarban Cantonment Public School And College2010-20191,3551,311399.8
4Bandarban Collectorate School And College2019-201935321,033.0
5Bandarban Islamia Senior Madrasha2009-20191311211,194.5
6Lama Islamia Fhazil (degree) Madrasa2009-20196285591,327.6
7Hazi M.A. Kalam Degree College2009-20191,3521,0522,391.5
8Matamuhuri College2009-20193,7652,5402,499.2
9Hefazatur Rahman College2018-201922152,881.5
10Govt.bandarban College2009-20195,5492,7654,019.0
11Bandarban Govt. Women College2010-20193,4671,7814,029.7
12Bandarban Technical School And College2013-20188244314,500.7
13Chambi High School2019-2019714,693.0
14Ruma Sangu College2018-201973294,782.5
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