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is an educational establishment that is located at . On 01 January, 1986, it was first put into operation.

The first private medical college in Bangladesh is Bangladesh Medical College (BMC). It was founded in 1986 by a group of committed individuals known as the Founder Members, who were inspired by the idea of offering the citizens of this nation affordable access to high-quality medical education, research, and services. The hospital and the college are managed by the non-partisan, nonprofit Bangladesh Medical Studies and Research Institute (BMSRI). The Institute’s members are not eligible for compensation or dividends.

These Are The Institute’s Goals

  1. To Encourage And Provide Medical Science Studies That Lead To Accredited Graduate And Postgraduate Degrees
  2. To carry out research on the diseases that are prevalent in the nation
  3. To carry out research on medical education with the goal of improving the nation’s medical education standards
  4. To Recruit Skilled Workers For The Medical, Nursing, And Paramedical Sectors
  5. To Offer Affordable, High-Quality Medical Care and Health Services to People

The first and foremost goal of the institute was the establishment of a medical college that provided medical education leading to a recognized medical degree. The dream was realized thanks to the tireless efforts of the founding members in spite of strong opposition when the Bangladeshi government granted permission for the college’s establishment on April 13, 1986.

Bangladesh Medical College began operations on April 24, 1986. On May 10, 1988, the Dhaka University granted affiliation to the college. The College Has Been Recognized By The Bangladesh Medical And Dental Council. After completing a two-year prescribed course of study, the first batch of students from the college took the Dhaka University’s first professional MBBS examination in March 1990. The University Has Been

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