Agailjhara Bhegai Halder Public Academy

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Agailjhara Bhegai Halder Public Academy is an academic institute located at Agailjhara Agailjhara Barisal. Its institute code (EIIN) is 100350. It was established on 26 January, 1919. Its co-education type is Combined. The institute has following 3 disciplines : Humanities, Business Studies, Science. Average exam passing rate of the institute is : JSC/Equivalent: 86.18%, SSC/Equivalent: 74.23%, Its MPO number is 5101041302. It has Day shift. Its management is Managing.

Welcome to Agailjhara Bhegai Halder Public Academy. Here is the working field, Agailjhara, involved with the happy memory of holy and noble soul, Saint Bhegai Halder. Sacred place, Barisal district and in its border area to the north-west direction, in very remote rural area, Agailjhara is located. It’s not even a village; it’s a title part of famous village, Manashii Fullasrii. About this village, in true sense, it’s sounded in the sweet voice of historic poet, Bijoy Gupta, who was born and completed his immortal verses of Manasa Mangal Kabya in this village. “In the west, it flows, the river Ghagar. In the east, it flows, the river Ghanteshwar. In the middle, it exists, Fullasrii. The place is of the scholars, recognized by all.” In this area, there lived some representatives of the then British Rulers, titled Zemindars (Landlord), Zotdars (Tenure Holder) Talukders (Land holder) and their tenants – farmers, fishermen, blacksmiths, washermen etc. (various professionals). The rulers didn’t take any initiative to educate the general people in that age. Rather to exploit the lower class and simple minded people, the then rulers of the locality introduced the trap of discrimination of class, caste and colour among the people. To get rid of these curses of discrimination and to improve the back footed people into neo humanism and world fraternity, noble soul, Saint Bhegai Halder established Agailjhara M.E School (Now Agailjhara Bhegai Halder Public Academy) on 26th January, 1919. In this noble work, he was advised by the great Kailash Chandra Sen. Agailjhara M.E school was improved into under conspiracy in local level, the affiliation of the School was cancelled in 1933. Then, with the cordial and tireless efforts of magnanimous leaders Jogendra Nath Mandal & great A.K. Fazlul Haque, the Agailjhara H.E School got the affiliation again and the school eventually was granted permanent recognition (Vide Item No. 49) of the Syndicate of the University of Calcutta, dated 25.01.1946. Notable that, After the death of saint Bhegai Halder, the then great leader of the country, sacred minded Jogendra Nath Mandal, secretary of the school took an unanimous decision in a public meeting that for paying respect and gratitude to the noble soul, Bhegai Halder, after his holy name the school was named “Agailjhara Bhegai Halder Public Academy”. It is the pride of us that now many former students of this school are shining as reputed university teachers, scientists, writers, politicians, scholars and philosophers as well in their real lives. Doubtlessly it’s true that this school is still one of the high performed schools (in academic & co-curricular activities) in this zone.

Basic Info

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Infrastructure Info

  • Total Space 4.46 Decimal
  • Academic Building 0.05 Decimal
  • Playground 0.01 Decimal
  • Teacher's Residence 0.04 Decimal

Admission Info

Result Statistics

SSC Exam Result 2020
SSC exam Result 2020 is published. 187 students have appeared and 155 students have passed. Total 20 students have scored A+. Average passing rate in HSC 2018 is 82.89 and A+ rate is 10.6952
Appeared187 A+20
Passed155 Failed32
Pass Rate82.9% A+ Rate10.7%
Sohopathi Score41.49 National Rank7696



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